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JK’s Daily Blog: An Inside Job by Jordan Kensington (Day 11)

Welcome back to an Inside Job . I must admit i have literally been in and out of the country for the past month of (June) and could hardly find a second to post ‘Blog 11′ , but here it is i am back in full effect! What have i...
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Fly Monarch

The Monarch Group contains some of the best-established names in the British travel sector. Customer care and service lie at the heart of the Group’s business approach, and the Group enjoys high levels of repeat business from both business and retail customers in all its operations. When the Group was...
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Jamster offers you ringtones, dial tones, mobile games, screensavers and music for your mobile phones. Massive selection only here at Jamster. The company launched in the UK choosing Invincible to market directly to the 13-34 demographic. Client website: www.jamster.co.uk...
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