How we do it

After the fancy presentation and over the top lunch meeting comes to an end. The questions YOU as a client want answered are;

1. How many sales have we made since we hired the expertise of your company?

2. How many customers are coming through the door?

3. Quite frankly, is our ROI (Return on investment) justified?

Unfortunately, many of our rivals can most certainly talk the talk but Invincible PR & Marketing goes one further, we “under promise” and “over deliver”. We are in the business of blowing your original expectations.

*We not only love what we do, we have the experience, skill and creativity to achieve any brief.

*Our media database includes; 25,000 media contacts broken down in 6 different territories.
*We have achieved 7.5 million in value via press coverage for our clients and our own brands for over 12 years with coverage on CNN, BBC 1, ITV 1, National, weeklies, and daily newspapers consistently growing each year.
*We are the only PR & Marketing Company in Europe with a consumer audience of over 2.5 million subscribers on our online database derived from the voting and attendees of all our top prestigious and international awards ceremonies.
*We offer a creative, fresh, exciting approach to targeted marketing to increase sales either online or offline.
* Finally, as you can see from our client’s page, some of the best brands in the world have partnered with us. Either they just love us or we are simply the best kept secret!

Want to try, before you buy? Contact us, for a minimum starter fee. We will generate the results for you before you make the long term commitment!

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