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Invincible http://www.invinciblegroup.com Building a successful relationship between brands and consumers Tue, 20 Dec 2016 19:01:51 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.7.5 Natalie Ortegon http://www.invinciblegroup.com/management/natalie-ortegon/ http://www.invinciblegroup.com/management/natalie-ortegon/#respond Fri, 29 Aug 2014 12:34:04 +0000 http://www.invinciblegroup.com/?p=1121 Model, Actress , Dancer and  Media Personality Natalie Ortegon is now represented by Invincible Management. Natalie is a hardworking, determined, ambitious and professional  model, currently based in London but working all over the world. She is fluent in Spanish and can adopt many looks (ie, Arabic, Asian) because of her unique look and exotic mixed background!  She also has a strong acting and dancing background.


Contact Management:
Natalie Ortegon is available for any  Music Videos, TV, Film, Endorsement, product launches and event hosting opportunities;
For all Bookings:
Contact: Steve Goldsmiths or Jeff Armstrong
E-mail: management@invinciblegroup.com
Tel: 00 44 (0) 207-018-2665
For PR/Media Inquiries:
Contact : lisa.fuller@feederpr.co.uk
http://www.invinciblegroup.com/management/natalie-ortegon/feed/ 0
LOUISE GOOKEY http://www.invinciblegroup.com/management/louise-gookey/ http://www.invinciblegroup.com/management/louise-gookey/#respond Thu, 07 Aug 2014 08:03:05 +0000 http://www.invinciblegroup.com/?p=1106 Television Presenter, Louise Gookey  who is exclusively managed by Invincible Entertainment Group (IEG Global) is fastly becoming the name on everyone’s lips . The 26 year old presenter has spent the best part of 2014 starring in the British feature film #TheNewspaper and playing main Television host to brands such as Harrods, Gucci, Burberry and more at a plethora of high profile events including; the Consumer Choice Awards and the annual National Luxury & Lifestyle Awards.  A perfect addition as host to any high profile event and an excellent TV presenter for your next big Television show. Louise Gookey will also celebrate the achievements of some of the most watched shows on television , talent and TV executives from UK’s biggest TV stations as she hosts this year’s 4th annual National Reality Television Awards 2014.

Contact Management:
Louise Gookey is available for any TV, Film, Endorsement, product launches and event hosting opportunities;
For all Bookings:
Contact: Steve Goldsmiths or Jeff Armstrong
E-mail: management@invinciblegroup.com
Tel: 00 44 (0) 207-018-2665
For PR/Media Inquiries:
Contact : lisa.fuller@feederpr.co.uk
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IEG GLOBAL GEARS UP FOR ASIA’S NEXT SUPERSTAR http://www.invinciblegroup.com/media-room/ieg-global-gears-up-for-asias-next-superstar/ http://www.invinciblegroup.com/media-room/ieg-global-gears-up-for-asias-next-superstar/#respond Sat, 15 Feb 2014 13:18:25 +0000 http://www.invinciblegroup.com/?p=1097


London, UK , 14/02/15 –  Europe based music, media, events and advertising agency Invincible has today announced the launch of the first ever international talent search.  Asia’s Next Superstar (ANS) ,  will see thousands of contestants in 7 (seven) countries  namely ; Japan , China, Singapore, South Korea, Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia  audition in their respective countries for one (1) representative to go to the finals in London. The show will broadcast in Europe via SKY Channel 191, FREESAT 400 Channel & Free to Air and across Asia online.

The public will be given an opportunity to vote for 1 winner in each country online. Seven (7) contestants will go head to head to represent their countries to find the best talent in the continent.

Million Sekarsari, Events & PR Manager for Invincible Asia commented “ Asia’s Next Superstar is beyond any other talent competition as we are completely focused on the quality to ensure that we can bring Asia’s best talent to the world”.

Asia’s Next Superstar is already being dubbed as Asia’s credible version of Eurovision. Eurovision is the annual European competition that sees several European countries go head to head to find the best artist to represent their respective country with the final winner being announced live to millions of viewers.

The seven (7) finalists of Asia’s Next Superstar are set to perform at the 1st annual International K-Pop Awards taking place in London, United Kingdom in October. The public will again be given the power to vote for who they decide they want to crown as Asia’s Next Superstar.

Final winner will receive;

– Asia’s Next Superstar award

-Professional mentoring

-Recording and management contract courtesy of IEG Global.

-Performing at the 12th annual Urban Music Awards 2014 in the UK

Plus an opportunity to collaborate with UK & US musicians

Jordan Kensington, CEO of IEG Global commented “ After working with several artists from Bruno Mars, Beyonce, Rihanna via the Urban Music Awards. It is clear to see that artists from Asia have the same potential to reach and be equally as successful within an international platform. We are extremely proud to be the first company to bring the talented music from the Asian continent onto the worldwide stage”.

Online submission are open now until the 12th of May 2014.

To apply for ANS :

Send an e-mail as per your country to:

For China:


 For Japan:


 For South Korea:


For Singapore:


For Philippines:


 For Malaysia:


 For Indonesia:


For PR/Marketing Opportunities:


Million Sekarsari (Indonesia)

E: million@invinciblegroup.com

Steve Campbell (London)

E: steve.campbell@invinciblegroup.com

T: 0044 (0) 207-018-2665

About ANS: Asia’s Next Superstar is a brand new annual talent competition which sees 7 countries in Asia namely China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia. The best talent from each country will represent their country in the live televised finals in London with voting globally to determine the overall winner. ANS is the first international global talent search primarily focused on promoting Asia’s talent to a worldwide platform. Winning ANS provides an opportunity for the winning artist to capitalise on the surrounding publicity and opportunity to further their career internationally.

The show will broadcast in Europe via SKY Channel 191, FREESAT 400 Channel & Free to Air and across Asia online.

About IEG Global:

Invincible was launched in 1999. The company is split into five key divisions which include; media, marketing, management, Television production and events. The headquarters of the company is registered and operated from the Virgin Islands with offices in six countries including two offices in the United Kingdom.

Invincible Media is the media part of the business which is home to Invincible Radio (An online radio station) , Invincible TV (TV production and TV station) and Invincible Publishing which is responsible for publishing 12 magazines/newspapers including; Chelsea Monthly, Camden Monthly, Los Angeles Monthly, Chicago Monthly , New York Monthly, Entrepreneurs Weekly, Cameroon Weekly Newspaper and Invincible Business.

Invincible Brands is the marketing & advertising agency. The company looks after the media planning and buying for several brands spread across six countries including the USA, UK, Africa, Caribbean and China.

Invincible management, is the celebrity, artist, and brand management arm to the business. The company boasts a roster of diverse clients across the entertainment, sports, music, fashion, dance and business. The management arm is divided to talent and brand management.The company looks after our own in house brand PC manufacturer, Zuricom , Chart Nation ( home of , OAC, Mokingo & Official European Charts) and Retail shopping outlet Blueberry Nation.


Invincible events & TV Production produces some of the biggest global events and television shows including; National Reality Television Awards (USA & UK), Urban Music Awards (held in 6 countries),  GABA, National Entrepreneurs Conference, British Young Business Awards & Seminars, London Weekender festival, Blueberry Nation Pop up Fashion Live, Invincible Live & Unplugged, International Sports Awards, British Music Week, Download Music Awards and the International Football Awards. Chart Nation a subsidiary of Invincible TV produces the Official European Charts for over 15 countries in Europe and is responsible for other Television shows such as; Rate My Date, The Luxury Show, The Secret Student, Britain’s Next Urban Superstar, Only in LA, and many more. Invincible TV produces content that is syndicated and sold to broadcasters worldwide. The company employs over  120 employees worldwide.

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The Z-Phone Launches http://www.invinciblegroup.com/jks-blog/the-z-phone-launches/ http://www.invinciblegroup.com/jks-blog/the-z-phone-launches/#respond Wed, 14 Aug 2013 21:11:31 +0000 http://www.invinciblegroup.com/?p=1089 An Inside Job Blog: LOOSING MY IPHONE WAS THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED!
About 6 -7 weeks ago i was in Ibiza , we were staying at the beautiful Ushaia Tower Hotel. The Five star luxury hotel was populated by party-goers ready to cut their shapes and get their dancing going. No surprise there, after all it is Ibiza, the home of EDM (Electronic Dance Music). Day 3 of my stay in Ibiza , myself and friends decided to check out Pacha . I was told it would be an absolute crime to come to Ibiza and not do Pacha so Pacha i did. Later that night after some hardcore partying. I discovered a different kind of crime. Yes, my Iphone had been nicked! Now, anyone who has lost a phone knows… It is not the value of the phone but the precious contacts, messages, private videos, private tapes.. oh no! Anyway, i got back into the hotel and instead of worrying. I got on the Hotel room’s phone to our Head of Designs at Zuricom in China ,Simon Lee. Zuricom is our tablet pc manufacturing company. Our range , JK100, and the Zuricom Z3 (7 inch) Tabletphone sold 35,000 units last year and we have received rave reviews so far!

So… The call went as follows ;
Jordan: Simon, i have lost my Iphone.
Simon: Ok, sir. Sorry to hear that. We can get an assistant to call your insurers to courier a new one to you in the morning . It’s 3am in the morning here in China!!
Jordan: Fair enough, by the way sorry to wake you up so late. But, this conversation is worth getting up for. How are the new designs for Zuricom Z9 coming along?
Simon: Good, you will love it!
Jordan: Simon, i want us to design a brand new phone to add to the line of Zuricom products . It’s called , the Z-Phone. It would be Dual Sim card, so you can work two mobile numbers with one phone. It should also have installed a recovery tracking system automatically. So, if you loose your phone the tracking system can track your phone back whether it’s switched on or off. It should also run on Android, and …
Simon: That would require a six figure investment…… and at least a minimum 5 months of planning, then may be 4 months for tech!
Jordan : Great, let’s do it in 4 weeks! I am going to work on 20 pages of design, patent, and the intellectual property . I’ll send it to you by end of business tomorrow!

That conversation led to me finishing the 20 pages on the plane. Landing in London , getting a plane to China and in an executive board meeting with our board of Directors convincing them that it was a good idea to spend 3.5 million pounds on the new Z-Phone. After, some intense negotiation. We had the green light, and spent the next few weeks there with our design and research team all this at thesame time planning the launch of BYBA 2013 with Business Secretary of State , MP Vince Cable . We had to keep it all a secret and now i’m happy to say we can proudly introduce The Z-Phone to the world.
The Z-phone is the brand new offering by ZURICOM and i am proud. Good bye Blackberry, Iphone, Nokia, HTC… Good morning…. Z-Phone ! stylish, unique and exclusive phone for people who think different, and are always setting trends for others to follow.
Welcome to the Z-phone.

Z- Phone by Zuricom


What makes us different?
Every user of the Z-Phone automatically recieves:
-Immediate membership of the Z-Phone VIP Network
-40% off VIP Tickets for Z-Phone sponsored events including ;
*National Luxury & Lifestyle Awards
*Urban Music Awards
*International Football Awards
*National Reality TV Awards
*British Young Business Awards
*Blueberry Fashion Live!
-Dedicated Phone Replacement line , so that when your phone is lost. You get a new one with 20% off the full cost of replacement
– All Z-Phone members also recieve 20% off our partnered Hotels, Restaurants, NightClubs, Art Galleries, Shops, Theatre and venues in London, New York, Paris, and Tokyo
+ Access to the Z-List (an exclusive social network celebrity/VIP/Entrepreneur community by invitation only)

That’s amazing. But! What about the specs?


Operating System: Android 4.0

CPU: Cortex A7 ;Quad core ;1.0Ghz
ROM: 4GB Nand Flash (Extend to 32GB maxi )
Screen Size: 4.0inch capacitive touch screen
Display Resolution: 800*480px (16000K colors)
Camera: Dual camera, Front is 0.3 megapixels, Back is 8.0 megapixels with a flashlight
Bluetooth: Yes, Built in
GPS: Yes,Bulit in (support AGPS also)
2G: (GSM850/900/1800/1900Mhz )
3G:(WCDMA 2100Mhz)
Dual SIM Feature: Yes.Support Dual SIM Dual Standby ; Two Sim cards work in the same time
FM Radios: 3.5mm standard audio output jack
G-Sensor: Yes ,G-Sensor
Support: Play Store,Gmail.Skype,MSN,Word.excel,ppt,pdf document
Music: Play mp3 at backgroud,support equalizer with pure music
Video: 3GP,MP4,support to play in full screen.speed/pause
Battery: Built-in Lithium 2050mAh Battery
Language: Czech, Dansk, German, English, Spanish, Russian, French, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Hebrew, Polski, Greek, Portuguese, Svenska, Turkey, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
WIFI: Built-in WiFi (IEEE 802.11b/g/n)
Size: 135*65*11mm
N.W/G.W: 168g /350g

Package Includes:
1 x Z-Phone
1 x Charger
1 x Earphone
1 x USB Cable
1 x Battery

The Z-Phone is priced at  £249 only and can work with every single network plus the phone is open to use in every country! Be Different! Think Different! and set trends for others to follow! The Z-Phone is the title sponsor for next month’s 3rd annual National Reality Television Awards taking place on the 16th of September 2013.

Click here to Order your Z-Phone now!

http://www.invinciblegroup.com/jks-blog/the-z-phone-launches/feed/ 0
Invincible Group CEO & Business Secretary, Vince Cable launch BYBA http://www.invinciblegroup.com/media-room/invincible-group-ceo-business-secretary-vince-cable-apprentice-star-luisa-zissman-host-byba-2013/ http://www.invinciblegroup.com/media-room/invincible-group-ceo-business-secretary-vince-cable-apprentice-star-luisa-zissman-host-byba-2013/#respond Tue, 13 Aug 2013 23:23:29 +0000 http://www.invinciblegroup.com/?p=1082 SUCCESSFUL NIGHT AT THE BRITISH YOUNG BUSINESS AWARDS 2013 AS WINNERS ARE ANNOUNCED


London  13/08/13 –   The Business Secretary,  Rt. Hon.  Vince Cable , Apprentice finalist, Luisa Zissman and CEO, of Invincible Group, Jordan Kensington last night announced the winners for the British Young Business Awards 2013 at the prestigious, May Fair Hotel in London last night (12.08.13).


Rt. Hon Vince Cable said “We are very excited to launch the British Young Business Awards this evening and look forward to consistently support the growth of this awards ceremony and the work it does for young entrepreneurs in the UK”


Save Britain Money, the company featured on the BBC 3 , Call Centre show were big winners on the night with a record x3 awards won for Best Marketing , Best Large Business and Best Employer


Nev Wilshire commented “We are extremely proud to win these awards . The British Young Business Awards are most certainly the right organisation to drive entrepreneurship here in the UK”.


Britain is renowned worldwide for its creative, innovative and entrepreneurial spirit. Entrepreneurs are the driving force of the British economy and more businesses start up here in the UK than anywhere else in Europe. Its growth and economic benefits has led to the government making it a focal point to encourage, sustain, and promote entrepreneurship. Furthermore, the success of Business-led television shows such as The Apprentice, Dragon’s Den, Call Centre, The Secret Millionaire and many more demonstrate that entrepreneurs easily connect with the public at large. This is clearly leading to a change in culture which calls for more exposure, a celebration of entrepreneurs and the fantastic creative solutions delivered through their new products and services.


Apprentice finalist, Luisa Zissman  joined successful entrepreneur , Jordan Kensington as the co-host for the 1st annual  British Young Business Awards  which launches next week on Monday, the 12th of Aug. 2013 at the Mayfair Hotel  in London.


Luisa Zissman commented  ” The British Young Business Awards is one of the only few national platforms that exists to celebrate, encourage, and provide much needed exposure to some of our countries young most influential entrepreneurs from the ages of 15 to 35 and Britain’s most successful companies under 3, 5, 10, and 15 years in existence and i am delighted to be co-hosting what will be truly inspiring event”.


With 14 categories, the nominees were selected by a judging panel who have spent the first six months of 2013 researching, interviewing and compiling a list of top British entrepreneurs and Businesses to make the final nominee list for the 2013 British Young Business Awards.

The BYBA nomination and launch was announced by the Mayor of Camden, Councillor Jonathan Simpson at the launch event this week in Camden. The Mayor commented “The British Young Business Awards are set to become a solid force for the entrepreneurial community and i am pleased to be part of this inspiring awards ceremony”

Zissman joined award winning entrepreneur Jordan Kensington , Princes Trust, Chief Executive Martina Millburn and Secretary of State for Business & Innovation,  MP Vince  Cable  to preside over the event.


Jordan Kensington, CEO & Founder of the British Young Business Awards & Invincible Business commented, “There’s a new, focused generation emerging which is built around the determination to succeed. Everybody is aware of the high unemployment that graduates currently face. A lot of them will never get a job. They will create their jobs and we need to encourage that”  he continued.

“In 1999, I started my first company at age 19 and at that time being an entrepreneur was not encouraged, it was a time where using the internet to market your product or service was almost impossible.  The British Young Business Awards and the monthly BYBA seminars will provide the platform to celebrate and engage a community of entrepreneurs nationwide with the added feature of a monthly seminar which will incorporate some of the best speakers, and entrepreneurs from around the world to inspire , share and discuss ideas with the aim of educating and building a consistent community of successful individuals. The event tonight has been a great success”.


Other speakers , performers and guests presenters for the evening were ; Catherine Sellars

( Marketing Manager of Workspace Group), Michael Acton Smith (Founder of Mind Candy) , Daryl Goldson (Musician) , Carousel, Debra Debs and Zeo (Singer/Songwriter).


The Prince’s Trust, an organisation founded and ran by Prince Charles, was recognised for the first time with the prestigious award for Outstanding Contribution to Young Entrepreneurs. The charity this year have celebrated their 30th anniversary of running the flagship Enterprise programme – which has helped 80,000 young people to set up in business since 1983.  Martina Milburn (Princes Trust, Chief Executive) who collected the award on behalf of the Princes Trust commented  “We are so proud to win the Outstanding contribution to Young Business Award. The whole team here at the Princes Trust have had the best night tonight. Special thanks to Invincible Group and all the entrepreneurs who put us up for this award” .  


Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2013
Nicholas D’ Aloisio (Digital)

Best Digital & Technology Brand 2013
Go Squared

Best New Business 2013
Turtle PR

Best New Product/Services 2013

Best International Business 2013

Most Innovative Idea 2013
Rolley Golf

Best Creative Brand 2013
BoKo Creative


Best Social Enterprise 2013

Best Marketing 2013
Save Britain Money

Best Employer 2013 sponsored by Workspace Group

Save Britain Money

Best Social Corporate Responsibility
Give Me Tap
Best Small to Medium Size Business sponsored by Zuricom
The Publishing Group

Best Large Business sponsored by Z phone by Zuricom
Save Britain Money

Outstanding Contribution to Young Entrepreneurs 2013 sponsored by Invincible Group
Prince’s Trust

British Young Business Awards sponsored by the new Z -phone by Zuricom


For  Interviews/Media Accreditation:

Tel: 0207-993-5896

E-mail: steve.campbell@invinciblebusiness.com



http://www.invinciblegroup.com/media-room/invincible-group-ceo-business-secretary-vince-cable-apprentice-star-luisa-zissman-host-byba-2013/feed/ 0
Invincible Business confirms Secretary of State, Vince Cable http://www.invinciblegroup.com/media-room/invincible-business-confirms-secretary-of-state-vince-cable/ http://www.invinciblegroup.com/media-room/invincible-business-confirms-secretary-of-state-vince-cable/#respond Wed, 17 Jul 2013 16:28:13 +0000 http://www.invinciblegroup.com/?p=1060 Invincible Business has secured Secretary of State of Business & Innovation , Vince Cable to join the panel at BYBA 2013 as Keynote speaker. Vince Cable will also be presenting a few selected awards to winners on the 12th of August 2013 at the British Young Business Awards ceremony.

Vince Cable will chair and encourage his support for entrepreneurs nationwide at the British Young Business Awards organised an ran by Invincible Business , the business magazine published by Invincible Group . BYBA is one of the only national platforms to celebrate, encourage, and provide much needed exposure to some of our countries young most influential entrepreneurs from the ages of 15 to 35 and Britain’s most successful companies under 3, 5, 10, and 15 years in existence.

With 14 categories, the nominees were selected by a judging panel who have spent the first six months of 2013 researching, interviewing and compiling a list of top British entrepreneurs and Businesses to make the final nominee list for the 2013 British Young Business Awards. The awards evening takes place at The Porchester, in London on the 12th of August 2013.

The BYBA nomination and launch was announced by the Mayor of Camden, Councillor Jonathan Simpson at the launch event this week in Camden. The Mayor commented “The British Young Business Awards are set to become a solid force for the entrepreneurial community and i am pleased to be part of this inspiring awards ceremony”

BBC Apprentice star and Sir Alan Sugar’s right hand man, Nick Hewer commented: “The British Young Business Awards is essential to build a community for the next generation of entrepreneurs. If you look at the great entrepreneurs – people like Richard Branson, Ian Dyson, Alan Sugar – they’re all incredibly focussed and when you look at these people, as well as the up-and-coming ones, you’ll find some very inspirational characters there and the growth of this new generation of forward-thinkers should be celebrated.”

The Young Entrepreneur of the Year category sees 22 entrepreneurs who range from ages 15 to 35 battle it out for this coveted title . Nominated for this category we have, Nick D’Aloisio who at age 17 created the news-gathering app Summly and sold it to Yahoo for a reported 30 million US dollars, making him one of the youngest self-made millionaires . D’Aloisio will be in good company going head to head with fellow entrepreneur, Fraser Doherty who is the founder of the 100% Fruit jam company, SuperJam. He started the company at the age of fourteen, using his Gran’s recipes. Since then, SuperJam has grown to supply over 2,000 supermarkets around the world, selling millions of jars along the way.

About Vince Cable:
The Rt Hon Dr Vince Cable MP , read Natural Science and Economics at Cambridge University, where he was President of the Union, followed by a PhD at Glasgow University.
Vince worked as Treasury Finance Officer for the Kenya Government between 1966 and 1968. After lecturing at Glasgow University in economics he worked as a first Secretary in the Diplomatic Service in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (1974-1976). He was then Deputy Director of the Overseas Development Institute, which included a period working for the then Secretary of State for Trade and Industry, John Smith MP, as a Special Advisor. From 1983 to 1990 Vince worked as Special Advisor on Economic Affairs for the Commonwealth Secretary General, Sir Sonny Ramphal.
From 1990 Vince worked for Shell International and in 1995 became Shell’s Chief Economist. He was made head of the economics programme at Chatham House and since becoming an MP, has been appointed a fellow of Nuffield College, Oxford and a visiting research fellow at the Centre for the Study of Global Governance at the LSE, for a 3 year period until 2004.
Vince Cable served as a Labour Councillor in Glasgow between 1971 and 1974, before joining the Social Democrat Party. In 1997 Vince Cable was first elected to Parliament to represent Twickenham.
He joined the Liberal Democrat Shadow Cabinet in October 1999 as Spokesman on Trade and Industry after a spell as a junior Treasury spokesman. He was the Liberal Democrat Shadow Chancellor from November 2003 until May 2010 and was Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats until May 2010. He is now Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills.
He has published several books and reports on international economics, trade and environmental issues including:
Protectionism and Industrial Decline, 1983
The New Giants: China and India (Chatham House), 1994
The World’s New Fissures; The Politics of Identity (Demos), 1995
Globalisation and Global Governance (Chatham House), 1999
Multiple Identities (Demos), 2005
Public Services: Reform with a Purpose (Centre for Reform), 2005
The Storm: The World Economic Crisis and What it Means (Atlantic), 2009
Tackling the fiscal crisis: A recovery plan for the UK (Reform), 2009

Want to attend the British Young Business Awards or BYBA 2013 seminars? Simple, e-mail: steve.campbell@invinciblebusiness.com

http://www.invinciblegroup.com/media-room/invincible-business-confirms-secretary-of-state-vince-cable/feed/ 0
Event & Talent Management http://www.invinciblegroup.com/services/event-talent-management/ http://www.invinciblegroup.com/services/event-talent-management/#respond Wed, 17 Jul 2013 01:26:49 +0000 http://www.invinciblegroup.com/?p=1048 Invincible Management is renowned for its ability to create some of the world’s leading cultural and entertainment events.
Tinie Tempah at the Urban Music Awards 2010

Tinie Tempah at the Urban Music Awards 2010

Our team creates events that are specifically designed to promote our customer’s brand and deepen a client’s relationships with its stakeholders, customers and employees through world class entertainment and hospitality experiences.nrta2 Events may be in the form of a unique concert, a full festival or a global touring strategy. The Invincible Management event team provides A-Z event management services and manages each project from conception to completion and review.

nrta-invincible1Some of our events include;
*British Young Business Awards
*National Reality Television Awards
*Urban Music Awards
*National Luxury & Lifestyle Awards
*British Music Week
*Download Music Awards
*London Weekender
*BYBA Motivational Seminars
*Digital Music Conference

Our Artist Management division has a history of looking after some of the world’s biggest entertainers. It’ll be great to list all our past superstar roster but we are all about the future and here are new artists we are currently representing who are set to set take the world of entertainment by storm. Click here for some of our current acts

Do you have an event? Are you planning a wedding, concert, tour or product launch. Do you need our team’s expertise and help. Call us now for a free consultation on 0044 (0) 207-993-5896 or e-mail: hello@invinciblegroup.com

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Media Planning & Buying http://www.invinciblegroup.com/services/media-planing-buying/ http://www.invinciblegroup.com/services/media-planing-buying/#respond Wed, 17 Jul 2013 01:11:03 +0000 http://www.invinciblegroup.com/?p=1045 Invincible has a media planning and buying agency that guides clients to better advertising campaign results. We partner with internal marketing teams or other external agencies, and focus solely on planning and implementing advertising such as TV, radio, print, digital, social and mobile for improved performance. Behind the scenes, our Invincible Group measures campaign results for constant media optimization.

Whatever your budget, we can plan your media strategy with creativity and ease. Call our dedicated sales team now on 0044 (0) 207-993-5896

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Monitor , Analyse and Engage http://www.invinciblegroup.com/services/digital_social-media_influencing/monitor-analyse-and-engage/ http://www.invinciblegroup.com/services/digital_social-media_influencing/monitor-analyse-and-engage/#respond Wed, 17 Jul 2013 00:58:23 +0000 http://www.invinciblegroup.com/?p=1043 Social media is increasingly becoming the deciding factor for consumers to analyse and engage into your brand.

What we do?
We have a great Blueberry Nation software which allows us to monitor and measure millions of blogs, tweets, forums and news sites. Analyse the general perception on social media around your brands and products. Create ad identify response to your marketing campaigns, and use these insights to make informed decisions on developing more targeted marketing.

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Want to know how we connect with consumers? http://www.invinciblegroup.com/services/want-to-know-how-we-connect-with-consumers/ http://www.invinciblegroup.com/services/want-to-know-how-we-connect-with-consumers/#respond Wed, 17 Jul 2013 00:45:48 +0000 http://www.invinciblegroup.com/?p=1041 The best way to connect with consumers is by our Consumer Outreach programme.

Instead of asking consumers contrived questions to reveal their preferences or their intent to purchase, as marketers, we need to discover what truly matters to people. To break through the slush pile of our crowded marketplace, our marketing must be perceived as genuinely valuable and useful to the consumers you’re hoping to win over. Beyond product features and use benefits, if you want to engage consumers today, your marketing (not just your product) must improve (in tangible ways) the condition of people’s lives.

What do other marketing agencies do?
Other agencies, are keen on spending their clients budget on focus groups.

Focus groups are artificial settings. People live real lives with real issues. Gathering a group of people into an artificial environment and probing them with over simplified questions only creates artificial results. Plus people usually don’t know what they don’t know. It’s very difficult to get useful insight from people who are not in their natural environment. And there are always those participants whose energy can dominate or influence the perspectives and opinions of others in the group. The results in this artificial setting are almost always biased.
A focus group is not quality time with consumers.
The reason focus groups are so commonly used is because they are easy and cheap to execute. However spending an hour with groups of 6-8 people in a room can hardly be called quality time. Chances are the thoughts going through participant’s heads during the session go something like this:
I don’t like the guy next to me… I really don’t care about this product, but they’re paying me £100 …I don’t feel comfortable sharing my real opinion in a group…this is boring!

Get out in the real world and be with people.
Instead of sitting behind the glass, get out into the real world. Be everywhere your tribe is gathering online and off, be where they do their laundry, shop, eat, play, relax. Spend quality time with them in real-life settings. Learn how your target customer not only uses your products, but how they live in their real lives. Much of what we humans think about is unconscious, and our emotions are intertwined with our reasoning.

How we achieve our results?
It comes down to understanding basic human nature, and what higher level emotional needs are currently unmet within the context of your target consumer’s overall life.
Put your efforts toward spending quality time with real people in one-on-one natural settings. Through these interactions, you’ll gain far richer consumer insights that will directly lead to more relevant, compelling, meaningful and valuable brand building strategies.

So, why not do something different and speak to us to see what we can do for you! Call : 0044 (0) 207-993-5896 or E-mail: hello@invinciblegroup.com

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