About Us

Invincible was launched in 1999. The company is split into five key divisions which include; media, marketing, management, Television production and events. The headquarters of the company is registered and operated from the Virgin Islands with offices in six countries including two offices in the United Kingdom.

Invincible Media is the media part of the business which is home to Invincible Radio (An online radio station) , Invincible TV(TV production and TV station) and Invincible Publishing which is responsible for publishing 12 magazines/newspapers including; Chelsea MonthlyCamden Monthly, Los Angeles Monthly, Chicago Monthly , New York Monthly, Entrepreneurs Weekly, Cameroon Weekly Newspaper and Invincible Business.

Invincible Brands is the marketing & advertising agency. The company looks after the media planning and buying for several brands spread across six countries including the USA, UK, Africa, Caribbean and China.

Invincible management, is the celebrity, artist, and brand management arm to the business. The company boasts a roster of diverse clients across the entertainment, sports, music, fashion, dance and business. The management arm is divided to talent and brand management.The company looks after our own in house brand PC manufacturer, Zuricom , Chart Nation ( home of , OAC, Mokingo & Official European Charts) and Retail shopping outlet Blueberry Nation.

Invincible events & TV Production produces some of the biggest global events and television shows including; National Reality Television Awards (USA & UK), Urban Music Awards (held in 6 countries),  GABA, National Entrepreneurs Conference, British Young Business Awards & Seminars, London Weekender festival, Blueberry Nation Pop up Fashion Live, Invincible Live & Unplugged, International Sports Awards, British Music Week, Download Music Awards and the International Football Awards. Chart Nation a subsidiary of Invincible TV produces the Official European Charts for over 15 countries in Europe and is responsible for other Television shows such as; Rate My Date, The Luxury Show, The Secret Student, Britain’s Next Urban Superstar, Only in LA, and many more. Invincible TV produces content that is syndicated and sold to broadcasters worldwide. The company employs over  120 employees worldwide.

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